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Ook dippen Japanners de kant van de sushi waar de vis zit in de sojasaus en dus niet de kant waar de rijst zit, dit voorkomt dat de rijst uit elkaar valt en dat er te veel sojasaus de smaak verpest.
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Like the meat, there are many types of vegetables used in sushi, such as.: Many sushi stores give the option to put wasabi in the sushi. Sushi with wasabi in it is called sabi-iri, and without wasabi is called sabi-nashi.
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29 One restaurant that reopened after the war to serve sushi was Matsuno Sushi Matsu-no-sushi in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. This restaurant had been in business at least since 1938 or 1939, 30 31 and by 1949, it was back serving sushi featuring local bluefin tuna 32 for lunch.
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The term sushi literally means sour-tasting" and comes from an antiquated shi terminal-form conjugation, sushi, no longer used in other contexts, of the adjectival verb sui to" be sour" 5 the overall dish has a sour and umami or savoury taste.

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